03/09/02 ASA Update
Next OHMVR Commission meeting (Green sticker commission) at ISDRA


We've all caught on to the importance of DAC meetings. What is surprising is that we still have not seen the importance of the OHMVR Commission meetings. This is the group that, for the most part, funds operations at the ISDRA.

OHMVR meetings are usually on a Thursday and held at the different locations to which the commission makes grants. Usually a tour of the area is given the day following the meeting. On these tours, leaders of stakeholders and interested parties are given the opportunity to make a presentation. This is in addition to the public comment period at the regular meeting.

This arm of the California State Parks makes grants to the El Centro BLM field office each year that help the BLM to keep the dunes operating. If this funding were to become non existent, things at the Imperial Dunes would surely be different. We should be taking a very serious interest in matters regarding this funding. Along that line of thought, here's the agenda and tour information for the next OHMVR meeting to be held in El Centro.

PO. Box 942896 SACRAMENTO, CA. 94296.0001


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission, pursuant to authority contained In Section 5090.24 of the Public Resources Code and Section 1120 et seq. of the Government Code, will meet on March 14, 2002 with a tour of Imperial Sand Dunes on March 15, 2002 according to the following schedule:

Thursday March 14. 2000

9:00 a.m. The OHMVR Commission will meet at the WIlliam Condit Auditorium, Imperial Irrigation District, El Centro, California. The Commissioners will allocate OHV funds for 2001­2002 Grants/Cooperative Agreements and conduct elections for Chair and Vice Ch8ir.

Friday March 15.2002

7:00 a.m. The OHMVR Commission will meet at 7:00 AM at the El Centro BLM Office, 1661 South 4th Street. El Centro, California. The Commission will tour the Imperial Sand Dunes and attend the Herman Schnelder Bridge dedication at 11 AM. The public is welcome to attend but must provide their own transportation.

Information on agenda Items will be available for review at the Department of Parks and Recreation's District offices at Ocotillo Wells SVRA, 5172 Highway 78, Borrego Springs; Oceano Dunes SVRA. 516 Camino Mercado Arroyo Grande: Hollister Hills SVRA. 7800 Cienega Road, Hollister; Hungry Valley SVRA, Pyramid Lake, Orwin Way North, Gorman; Prairie City SVRA,13300 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova; Carnegie SVAA. 18600 Corral Hollow Road, Tracy; and the OHMVR Division’s Headquarters, 1725- 23rd Street, Suite 220, Sacramento.

NOTICE IS GIVEN that any person may file a written statement on the proposed actions by writing to the undersigned or may present written statements at the meeting on March 14-15, 2002. The meeting facility is handicapped accessible. Inquiries may be directed to Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Dlvi5ion at (916) 324-4442 or the Department of Parks and Recreation, P.O. Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 94296-0001 or 1725- 23~ Street. Suite 200, Sacramento, California. 95816.

David L. Widell, Deputy Director

Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division

Meeting of the
William Condlt Auditorium
1285 Broadway
El Centro, California 92243
March 14, 2002

9:00 am

CALL TO ORDER: Chair Greene
Pledge of Allegiance: Chair Greene
Roll Cal:l Chair Greene

I. Approval of Agenda (1): Chair Greene
Approval of the October 23-24, 2001 Minutes
a. Deputy Director's Repor:t Dave Widell
b. Chair's Report: Chair Greene
c. Federal Government Reports: Rich Farrington,Mark Conley

Executive "Closed Session," in accordance with Section 11126 (q)(I) and
11126 (I) of the Government Code to confer regarding pending litigation.

2001/02 Carry-Over Grant Issues (Rescope)
OR-2-E-56 -El Dorado National Forest O&M
OR-2-E-57 -El Dorado National Forest Resource Management .
OR-2-E-58 -El Dorado National Forest Equipment
OR-2-E-59- El Dorado National Forest Archeological Survey
OR-1~NO-25 Eagle Lake Development
OR.2-SH.32 Shasta. Trinity National Forest O&M


a. Los Padres National Forest (Rescope) b. Policy 12 Resolution
c. Election

12:00 pm LUNCH

12:45 pm NEW BUSINESS {Continued)

5:00 pm Meeting Adjournment

(1) The Commission will proceed through the agenda In order until the agenda is completed. The Commission will take a lunch recess at approximately noon. The public comment period shown Is for non-agenda Items only. The agenda will be interrupted at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 14, 2002, for public comment. Those persons wishing to address the Commission during the public comment period must fill out the "Old/New Business" Public Comment form. Only those matters listed under Old and New Business are action Items upon which the Commission may take action.

The Chair may entertain public comment as agenda items are discussed. Any Item taken off the agenda at the time the agenda is approved may onlv be discussed during the public comment period. The agenda will be posted et the main entrance to the meeting room. Commissioners/staff should request that an item be placed on the agenda prior to printing. No action may be taken on any Item of business unless it appears specifically on this agenda [Gov. Code §§ 11122, 125 (a) and (b)).

(2) No action may be taken on any Item included under "Reports" (Gov, Code § 1122, 11125(a) and (b)}

(3) Members of the audience presenting pubic comments to the Commission are encouraged to provide a written copy to the recording secretary. Comments from the public are limited to two (2) minutes for Individuals or four (4) minutes for organizations.

Meeting attendees must use parking lot adjacent to the 11d Office Building. Do not park in front of the 11d Building.


Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
March 15, 2002
7:00am Meet at BLM El Centro Field Office

1661 S. 4thSt.
El Centro. CA 92243

7:I5am Depart ECFO to Competition Hill Transportation provided for OHMVR Commissioners and Division Staff only.
8:00am Arrive at Competition Hill

Introduction BLM

  • Overview of Recreation
  • Introduction of American Sand Association (ASA)
  • Wilderness Issues


Law Enforcement

  • Overview of issues and actions at Competition Hill
  • Q&A


  • Neil Hamada Dunes Manager , BLM
  • Jerry Seaver, Chairman. ASA
    Board of Directors
  • Jaimie Neilans, Environment
    Carreers Org. (ECO) associate for


  • Robert Zlmmer, Chief Ranger, BLM
  • Saron Housouer, Chief Deputy Imperial County Sheriff's Office

Depart Competition Hill en route to Sand Drags Area

8:45 am Arrive at the Sand Drags Area

Law Enforcement

  • Overview of proactive measures
  • Q&A
  • Robert Zlmmer, Chief Ranger, BLM
  • Saron Housouer, Chief Deputy Imperial County Sheriff's Office
9:15am Depart Sand Drags via Sand Hwy


  • Overview of issues and actions taken at sand drags
IO:OOam Arrive at central dunes closure boundary (Pierson's Milkvetch)


  • Monitoring
  • Closure Issues
  • Q&A
  • Jaimie Neilans, Environment
    Carreers Org. (ECO) associate for
  • Neil Hamada Dunes Manager , BLM
lO:15 am Depart to Herman Schneider Memorial Bridge via Send Highway
II:OOam Arrive at the Herman Schneider Memorial Bridge

Dedication of Bridge

  • Welcome & Presentation of Colors and Anthem
  • BLM History &. Overview
  • Contributions of Herman Schneider
  • OHMVR Presentation
  • formal Sign
  • Bruce Sharrer, Associate District
    Manage, California Desert District, BLM
  • Kathy Scott, Daughter of Herman
  • Daphne Green, Chairperson, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission
12:00am Depart for El Centro Field Office
I:OOpm Arrive at Ell Centro Field Office