7/11/01 ASA Activity Update
Bio Affairs

Bio reports are in. You can download the final draft of the PMV Report that was submitted as part of our law firm's public comment on the recently published Dunes Closure Environmental Assessment. The PMV report cost us roughly $68,000 and the comment was around $15,000

This PMV report will also be used to further our cause when the BLM goes through the ESA Section 7 consultations with the Fish and Wildlife Service. It is in these proceedings that it will be decided if the recent dunes closures have any merit.

Our Bio team, in concert with our law firm, will use every resource at their disposal during those critical events. Their expertise comes at a steep price - start saving now.

Links to downloads:
PMV Report
Our Law firm's public comment


Funco Giveaway Car

Sales are lower than expected at this time and we are asking for help selling tickets in addition to asking everyone to step up and buy an opportunity to have a FUNCO. Remember, we are looking to the giveaway as a major source of funding our legal battle.

Tickets are in the mail for those that have already purchased.

The giveaway car is nearing completion just waiting on motor, trans and graphics.

This is a top dollar car - no corners were cut in producing this top of the line Funco.

Click here to see the most recent Pix.

Contact Grant George to step up.


ASA Elections

On 7/8 elections were held. The ASA has a new president and Chairman of the Board in Jerry Seaver. For personal reasons, Vince Brunasso did not seek reelection but will continue to contribute his talents in the background as his time permits. Bob Mason was elected to finish Vince's term on the board that ends in January along with Keith Rosewitz's seat. Elections will be held then to determine who will fill those 2 positions. In June of next year the other seats on the Board expire; elections will then be held also.

Bob Mason was also elected to the office of Vice President and Grant George was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


7/8/01 ASA Board of Directors Meeting

A board meeting was held last Sunday in Ontario. Agenda items included:

Election of ASA officers and board members
Report from the ASA Treasure, Keith Rosewitz
Report from the Web site Committee, Guy Chrest
Report from the Advertising Committee, Vicki Warren
Report from the Biological Committee, Grant George
Report from the Endowment Committee, Ron Scott
Report from the Legal Committee, Mark Harms
Report from the Membership Committee, Jeff Taylor
Report from the Merchandise Committee, Flo Haynes
Report from the Newsletter & Flyer Committee, Vicki Warren
Report from the Public safety Committee, Bob Mason & Keith R.
Report from Bob Mason on the status of the Sand Super Show
Report from Bob Mason on the status of the ASA Chapters
Report from Bob Mason on the status of the ASA Video
Report from Gary Weers on the status of ASA Info Meetings in Calif.

As you can see, the ASA has grown at an astounding rate and has many projects. We are not sitting idle waiting for the courts to decide in our favor. Each one of these projects will take us a step closer to our goal of OPEN DUNES. It is only through volunteers that we may accomplish our goal. The more volunteers, the more we can get done.


Sand Sports Super Show (SSSS)

We need volunteers to work the Sand Show. We plan on having 25,000 custom printed plastic bags stuffed with ASA literature for a handout. We need people to stuff the bags and man the entrances so that every attendee of the show gets one. We also need volunteers to man the booth, answer questions, and sign up new members and chapters.

Contact Jim Collins to volunteer to help with the Show that runs September 21-23rd.

ASA Billboard

The owner of the Dunes Edge Ranch on Hwy. 78 just before you get to the dunes (at Butters Road?) via 78 out of Brawley has been offering to let us put up a billboard with any ASA message we choose. We finally have the volunteers in place to get this project done.

The billboard will be a series of slats that can be changed and rotated.

Jim Collins is heading up this effort and Jason Chappelear, our Imperial County Regional Coordinator, has offered to maintain the signs. The ASA will be able to send him an email with a new message and he will paint, stencil and install message boards during mid week just before the weekend. He lives in Brawley. Look for it on your left on your way to the dunes next season.

And by the way, toy storage is available at the Dunes Edge Ranch.


Thank You

In the rush to cover all our bases, accomplish goals, complete projects, and further the cause, it is all to easy to forget to thank the people that make it happen.

On behalf of the dune community, we thank all the volunteers and businesses that are instrumental getting the ASA to where it is today by their thousands of hours of hard work and donations of all sorts. But most of all, we thank them for their belief in our cause. Pulling together is beginning to pay big dividends.