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11/14/03 ASA Sponsored Media Day
9/28/03 September 2003 ASA Newsletter
3/4/03 What else is there to do in the dunes? Check out the hike we duners made
2/24/08 Closure page updated - link to GPS coordinate conversion site added
2/17/03 ISDRA RAMP Going to Press: Order Yours Here
1/31/03 ASA Appoints 2 new Board Members
1/23/03 OHMVR Votes to Withold Our Money
1/04/03 Flat Tailed Horned Lizard (FTHL) no longer a threat to our riding
12/03/02 BLM Press Release Recapping TG weekend
11/13/02 Legal Update
10/24/02 Legal update
10/24/02 Link to ASA site with lots of info
7/03/02 Sports Trailer Giveaway page updated - procedures and locations for ticket sales
6/30/02 Legal Update
4/25/02 May Newsletter 2002 published
3/9/02 Next OHMVR Meeting is at ISDRA. For details click here.
3/4/02 Next ASA Giveaway Announced. For details click here.
2/14/02 Latest ASA Newsletter
2/07/02 BLM PRESS RELEASE -Zero Tolerance for Violations of New Regulations at ISDRA
2/03/02 New Regulations at the Imperial Sand Dunes: new rules added to the existing. Increased level of enforcement with ZERO TOLERANCE the goal. Hundreds of Law Enforcement personal to be present over President's Weekend.