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ASA Benefit Golf Tournament

ASA Action Tees Reduced for quick sale

We need your Family and Friends

Raffle Car appearances

ASA Office

DeJong Sandcars Monster Manx MX2

Pace American Donates Trailer

What's New in the ASA
April, 2007

Goodsearch for ASA

A few people have alerted the ASA of a new Internet search engine that will donate one cent to the organization of your choice for each web search that you do. Similar to Google, the ASA has signed up with this company and you can participate by going to then specifying the "American Sand Association" in the "Who do you Goodsearch for?" box.

This site will pay the ASA once a year for the searches that have been done with the "American Sand Association" as the designated cause. We receive one cent for each search. To see how much we have earned to date, go to Please try it.

This is another way to help support the ASA in our fight to keep our riding areas open. It costs you nothing and is powered by Yahoo. The performance is on par with comparable search engines.

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The ASA benefit golf tournament is only a month away (May 7th). We still need golfers to participate in this fun event. It's a way to have some fun and support the ASA at the same time.Sign up now for the Weekend Warrior Inaugural ASA Benefit Golf Tournament!

May 7th, 2007 at the Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda. The Tournament will be hosted by Cutting Edge Performance with RAW Motorsports providing a chance to win a RAW Motorsports Sand Car for a hole in one on a specific par 3 and Funco Motorsports sponsoring a helicopter golf ball drop. Aguirre Tequila will host tequila tasting on one hole as well! Don't miss out on the fun. Proceeds benefit the ASA.

Go to to see all the activities and to sign up. It will be a good time for all that can participate. Even if you don't golf and are able to attend we still need some volunteers to help with the days activities. If you want to volunteer to help call Mike Wallace at 951-741-2699 or email him at
Hope to see you there.

Entry includes the following: Free Range Balls, Pro Shop Discounts, Tournament Golf Shirt, Goody Bag, Tequila Tasting, Lunch, Dinner/Awards Banquet, and Raffle Entry. Click here for more details and to register

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ASA Action Tees Reduced for quick sale

Action shirts $7.00 for short sleeves & $10.00/$13.00 (XXL) for long sleeve. With the purchase of the action shirt receive a 2007 calendar for $1.00! Supplies are limited.

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We need your Family and Friends:

We currently have over 5400 members that now have an invalid email address. Please forward this edition of the ASA "WHAT'S UP" to your duning family and friends. If they didn't receive it from us then we need there new email address to keep them current. Please send new email address to:
We build our strength by numbers; do you have all your family members listed; spouse & children? Each member helps in the fight to retain our rights to enjoy our sport. Please sign everyone up today. Thanks!

To receive your ASA username & password or to check on a friends email address go here:

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The DeJong Giveaway Car

will be making several special appearances in the coming months.

May 18-20 the car will be at the Extreme Off Road Expo at the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa CA.

Tickets will be available during each appearance.

Come out and see what all the excitement is about. See the DeJong buggy in person. It is amazing!

Every sand family will want to come to the Sand Sport Super Show September 14-16 at the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa Ca. Sunday is the drawing for the DeJong Car and also the unveiling of next years car too. Don't miss this one!

If you can't make it to one of these shows tickets for the DeJong car are available on the ASA web site. Go to the ASA home page and click on the DeJong car logo. Instructions are simple and you will get a chance to drive away with the beautiful custom DeJong buggy.

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Update on the ASA Office

The ASA office has been relocated to Canyon Country, CA from Santee. Our office assistant Suzy MacMillin has set aside Tuesday through Friday mornings to concentrate on membership and raffle tickets. Call during that time to be assured of immediate service.

In addition to many other duties, Suzy also handles the accounting for the raffle tickets, Business sponsor data, and helps with the mailing of new supporting membership packets and supporting member renewals. She also answers the phone and answers questions about the ASA and refers questions she can't answer to the appropriate ASA personal.

If you need assistance with any ASA function and don't know who to contact call Suzy and she can help you get the information you need.

The new contact information for the ASA office is:

P.O. Box 1872
Canyon Country, CA 91386

Email address:

Phone numbers:
Local Phone Number 661-251-6867
Toll Free Phone Number 888-540-7263

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2007 ASA Giveaway Sand Car Raffle

1st prize this year is a DeJong Sandcars Monster Manx MX2
2nd Prize is a Pace American Rallye 24-foot enclosed trailer
For more info

Please pay special attention to all the businesses that donate parts and services to this most vital project. They support us - please support them whenever you can.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets.

Pace American Donates Trailer for ASA Giveaway Raffle

Pace American Corporation donated this year's second place prize for the ASA giveaway raffle: a Pace American Rallye 24 foot enclosed trailer. Click here to purchase tickets for a chance to win it! Special thanks to Pace of Arizona's owner Anthony Verdone for making this happen.

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ADSB - Andrews Dune Scarab Beetle
AMA - Adaptive Management Area
ARA = Arizona Public Records Act
ASMAP - Peirson's Milk Vetch (technical)
BLM - Bureau of Land Management
BLM ECFO - BLM El Centro Field Office
BO - Biological Opinion
BOD - Board of Directors
CA PRA = California Public Records Act
CBD - Center for Biological Diversity
CCC - California Coastal Commission
CDCA - California Desert Conservation Area
CDPA - California Desert Protection Act
CEQA = California Environmental Quality Act
CNPS - California Native Plant Society
CORVA - California Off Road Vehicle Association
CVC - California Vehicle Code
DOJ - Department of Justice
DOI - Department of the Interior
EIR - Environmental Impact Report
EIS - Environmental Impact Study
ESA - Endangered Species Act
FLPMA - Federal Land Policy & Management Act
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FoOD - Friends of Oceano Dunes (Pismo)
FoDD - Friends of Dumont Dunes
ICBoS - Imperial County Board of Supervisors
SDCSO - San Diego County Sheriff's Office
FTHL - Flat Tail Horned Lizard
IC - Incident Command
ICSO - Imperial County Sheriff Office
ISDRA - Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
MA - Management Area
NECO - North Eastern Colorado Desert Plan
NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
NEQA = National Environmental Quality Act
ODSVRA - Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area
OHMVR - Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation
OHV - Off Highway Vehicle
OHVEST - Off Highway Vehicle Enforcement Safety Team
ORBA - Off Road Business Association
ORV = Off Road Vehicle
PA - Planning Area
PH SO - Sand food
PMV - Peirson's Milk Vetch
RAMP - Recreation Area Management Plan
ROD - Record of Decision
SDORC - San Diego Off-Road Coalition
SSSS - Sand Sports Super Show
SVRA - State Vehicle Recreation Area
TRT - Technical Review Team
UA - Unlawful Assembly
UDG - United Desert Gateway communities (local to ISDRA)
USFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
WECO - Western Colorado Desert Plan
WSA - Wilderness Study Area

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