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August, 2009

Sand Sports Super Show Volunteers Needed
We need your HELP! Once again volunteers are needed to man the ASA Booth at this year’s Sand Sports Super Show. We are looking for volunteers to work in minimum 2 hour shifts. This is an awesome way to meet a great group of people while helping raise the needed funds for the ASA. Volunteers will offer ASA merchandise/products, raffle tickets and sign up people for ASA memberships.

When: September 18, 19, 20, 2009
Where: OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, CA
Show Hours: Friday – 5pm to 10pm
Saturday – 9am to 7pm
Sunday- 9am to 4 pm

If you are interested please email
Please include which day(s) and the hours you would like to volunteer for, along with your name and phone number.

New Wash Road Update
Construction of the new Wash Road has begun and is progressing well.

The new road is being built to the west of the old railroad maintenance road. It will run from Highway 78 down to Wash 25. The crews are currently working through the dune formation at washes 7-9 currently. Click here for details from the BLM Web Site including the decision record and Environmental Assessment and to view pictures of the current construction go to the ASA Bulletin Board.

BLM has completed the Environmental Assessment required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and has concluded with a “Finding of no Significant Impact” and a decision to move forward with the construction of the Wash Road on BLM land west of the railroad fence. They have secured funding for the first phase of construction of the new road that will be complete for the 2009-10 season, have hired three temporary equipment operators, and have secured bids for rental equipment.

Additionally, volunteer support is still being accepted by BLM. According to BLM volunteer equipment and operators will compliment the BLM resources and provide better access to the Wash Road camping area. Contact Neil Hamada (BLM) at 760 337 4451.

Union Pacific Railroad has agreed to leave the old wash road open until the new one is constructed, so long as the new road is constructed in a timely manner. 

Ted Kipf Road
The Imperial County Board of Supervisors has approved dual usage for the first 3 miles of Ted Kipf road and is working to get California Highway Patrol approval. Currently Ted Kipf Road is not open for dual use and only licensed (on highway) vehicles are permitted to travel on Ted Kipf Road.

BLM’s California Desert District Receives $8.3 Million in OHV Grants
In a news release from the BLM dated July 9, 2009 BLM’s California Desert District manager, Steve Borchard announced the California Desert District will receive about $5.6 million in grants from California’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle (OHV) Recreation Program.

About $3.2 million in OHV grants will go toward the operation and maintenance of designated routes that reduce impacts upon wildlife and their habitats.  In addition, the grants will provide support services for high-quality OHV programs in recreation areas such as Dumont Dunes, El Mirage, and Imperial Sand Dunes. 

California’s OHV Recreation Program, a division of California State Parks, awarded BLM about $1.3 million to ensure protection of visitors at OHV recreation areas and to protect the natural resources of public lands through law enforcement. Another $3.8 million was awarded BLM for restoration, education, and safety projects. 

The California Desert District comprises 67 wilderness areas, all of which were closed to OHV use upon designation in 1994. However, 1,400 trails and ways crossed the 4,000 miles of wilderness boundary, encouraging illegal egress by desert OHV users. The BLM will employ boundary signing, preparation and distribution of current maps, education and outreach, ‘hard barrier’ [e.g., fences, barricades], a law enforcement presence, and ‘soft barrier’ [vertical mulch] construction as part of its restoration efforts.

Program funding for OHV grants comes from fuel taxes attributable to the recreational use of vehicles off highway, off-highway vehicle registration fees, and fees collected at State Vehicular Recreation Areas.  For further information, please contact Mike Ahrens, BLM El Centro Field Office, 760.337.4422.

Let’s Get in the “Zone” – “The Dustless Zone”
ASA has published the following Public Service Announcement (PSA) in an effort to educate the duning community about the importance of holding the speed down to 15 mph in and around camp.“It’s the Right Thing to Do”

Mark Your Calendar
The ASA and the United Desert Gateway are pleased to announce that they have been invited to join the first Dune Tour of the 2009-10 season to be sponsored by Sand Addiction Magazine at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA).

The ASA is entering into this new partnership to bring the information you need to know out to the dunes. We will break away from the previous format we have followed and make it fun to learn again. Mark your calendar for Oct. 30 - Nov.1, 2009 and take in this event to be held at the Glamis Beach Store activity area.

Sand Addiction has sponsored several events at the ISDRA and other popular sand sport venues
Be sure to watch for more details as they unfold.

New Arizona OHV Laws and Places to Ride Booklet Available
AZ OHV enthusiasts: are you confused about the new OHV laws or need the dust abatement actions clarified? Do you just want to know where to ride OHV’s? Print out this booklet for the answers. Click on the following link to view the new booklet recently published by the AZ Game and Fish and the AZ State Parks Depts.

Please note that this publication was paid for by funding from the new AZ OHV Decal program that was part of the OHV management legislation that was passed in 2008 and went into effect Jan. 1, 2009

Desert Advisor Council (DAC)  ISDRA Subgroup (DSG)
The BLM has announced the formation of the DAC ISDRA Subgroup. The mission of this citizens advisory group is as follows:
1. Advice regarding long-range planning and resource management priorities (which may include the review of broad categories of allocation or expenditure of funds).

2. Discussion and recommendations concerning potential infrastructure projects and significant operational changes.

3. Review of season activities and identification of key issues, concerns, and potential approaches to address them.

4. Discussion and advice about current and planned law enforcement activity, medical responses, maintenance activities, status and results of any environmental monitoring activities, and non-commercial special recreation permit fees.

5. Communication of accurate and useful information between BLM and its interested constituencies and the public about the area and its management.

The DAC has approved the appointment of the following persons to the ISDRA Subgroup:
Dick Holliday - DAC Member
Bob Ham - Imperial County
Larry Jowdy - CA OHV
Bob Mason - OHV Organization
Chuck Hattaway - OHV Organization
Jim Bramham - CA OHV
Nicole Nicholas-Giles - CA Gateway Community
Ken Rosevear - AZ Gateway Community
Glenn Montgomery - AZ OHV

The first meeting of the ISDRA Subgroup is scheduled for September 11th at the El Centro BLM office. The agenda for this meeting will be posted of the ISDRA DSG web site .The ISDRA DSG web site can be found here:
Agenda items will likely include discussion of the 2009-10 season trash collection contract, status of  Wash Road, 2009-10 fees, etc

2009-10 ISDRA Fee
BLM has signed a contract with Worldwide Environmental Products (WEP) for the next season. This is the same company that managed the program last season.

BLM has reported that off-site sales increased from 14% to 50% during last season. BLM and WEP are continuing to expand off-site permit locations.

The Golden Acorn Casino will sell permits next season. Buy your permits before you get to the dunes and save money.

BLM will not propose a fee increase for next season. If they determine that a fee increase is need for the 2010-11 season they will conduct a public information program and go to the DAC and Regional Recreation Advisory Committee (RRAC) for approval in 2010.

ISDRA Trash Contract
The BLM Denver Contracting Office is currently reviewing the ISDRA request for proposal. The proposal should be out for bid in the near future. The contract is for one year with the option to renew for four more years.

Hopefully the contract will be based on a sliding scale that will reduce the cost of trash collection as the duners “Pack it Home.”  The UDG, BLM and ASA will continue the litter education program encouraging the “Pack it Home” concept.

ATV Training Coming to a Dune Near You

your chance to copmply and avoid a citation

Sand Limo and H&H Trailer Raffle

This year the ASA and Sand Limo, along with many Business Sponsors, have put together a spectacular Sand Limo Sand Car to be raffled off at the Sand Sport Super Show September 20, 2009. To make this deal even better, H&H Trailers has included an All Aluminum 20ft. Tilt Bed flat bed trailer to go along with the car. See the car and trailer in the photo below.

It would help us tremendously if every ASA member purchased just one $20 raffle ticket. We know this is a tough economic time for everybody, but by buying one ticket not only do you get a chance to win the beautiful Sand Limo and H&H Trailer, you help support the ASA in our continuing effort to protect the ISDRA. This year we are limiting ticket sales to only 7500 tickets total. Our membership exceeds 36,000 so please take this opportunity to get yours while they are still available.

Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100. Send your check or money order to:

Sand Limo Raffle
Box 1872
Canyon Country, CA
call 888 540 SAND


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