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ASA Benefit Golf Tournament

OHV Lobby Day

Rhino Crash Event

Raffle Tickets in the Dunes

ASA Office

DeJong Sandcars Monster Manx MX2

Pace American Donates Trailer

Heck of a Deal

Board of Directors Meeting

Legal Matters

ASA Blocks OHMVR Misdeeds

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March, 2007

User Comment Form From ASA Web Site

I just wanted to drop a note about some success at cleaning up at Oldsmobile Hill on Presidents' Day. My 10 yr. old son and I have decided to go pick up trash at the hill in the morning before we leave to go home. I got several trash bags in the Rhino and told several
others in my camp what I was going to do. Everyone else decided it was a good idea and came along.

When we got to the hill there were only a few people hanging out at the bottom. My son and I along with the others from my camp started picking up the trash that was left behind from others. I notice after about 15 minutes or so other people that were just sitting on their bikes, not from my camp, started picking up trash as well.

I offered to take the trash with me when I left because they were on quads and couldn't carry it. It felt great to see my son and the other kids cleaning up. It felt even better to see the clean up become infectious and other people joining in. One of the helpers even commented on what a good idea it was to come and do this. Maybe if other groups could do the same it will help keep OUR dunes clean, and open. I took 5 large lawn and leaf bags full of trash back to the dumpsters. It only took about 30 to 45 minutes and it made a huge impact at the hill.

Thanks to those who joined in and Helped.

Jeff Pfaffenbach

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Sign up now for the Weekend Warrior Inaugural ASA Benefit Golf Tournament!
May 7th, 2007 at the Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda. The Tournament will be hosted by Cutting Edge Performance with RAW Motorsports providing a chance to win a RAW Motorsports Sand Car for a hole in one on a specific par 3, and Funco Motorsports sponsoring a helicopter golf ball drop. Aguirre Tequila will host tequila tasting on one hole as well! Don't miss out on the fun. Proceeds benefit the ASA.

There are still tee times available. We are looking for additional hole or event sponsors as well. Entry includes the following: Free Range Balls, Pro Shop Discounts, Tournament Golf Shirt, Goody Bag, Tequila Tasting, Lunch, Dinner/Awards Banquet, and Raffle Entry. Click here for more details and to register

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OHV Lobby Day in Sacramento

March 19th. The better our turnout, the more impact we have.
See this site for more info.

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Jagged Extreme

Jagged Extreme's Rhino Crash Event was held Feb. 3rd at Pad 3 on Gecko Road. Proceeds benefited the ASA resulting in $10,000 donation to ASA.

The dune community sends our sincerest thanks.

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DeJong Giveaway Car

The ASA has made arrangements with quality vendors for you to purchase buggy raffle tickets while you are at the dunes. It couldn't get any more convenient to get a chance to win the beautiful and powerful DeJong Car.
The participating vendors are:
KS Flags
KD Cycle
Gilmore's Off Road
Sweet Marie's

Stop in and check out these vendors and buy your tickets soon.

The winning ticket will be drawn at the Sand Sport Super Show in Costa Mesa September 16, 2007

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Update on the ASA Office

The ASA office has been relocated to Canyon Country, CA from Santee. Our office assistant Suzy MacMillin has set aside Tuesday through Friday mornings to concentrate on membership and raffle tickets. Call during that time to be assured of immediate service.

In addition to many other duties, Suzy also handles the accounting for the raffle tickets, Business sponsor data, and helps with the mailing of new supporting membership packets and supporting member renewals. She also answers the phone and answers questions about the ASA and refers questions she can't answer to the appropriate ASA personal.

If you need assistance with any ASA function and don't know who to contact call Suzy and she can help you get the information you need.

The new contact information for the ASA office is:

P.O. Box 1872
Canyon Country, CA 01386

Email address:

Phone numbers:
Local Phone Number 661-251-6867
Toll Free Phone Number 888-540-7263

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2007 ASA Giveaway Sand Car Raffle

1st prize this year is a DeJong Sandcars Monster Manx MX2
2nd Prize is a Pace American Rallye 24-foot enclosed trailer
For more info

Please pay special attention to all the businesses that donate parts and services to this most vital project. They support us - please support them whenever you can.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets.

Pace American Donates Trailer for ASA Giveaway Raffle

Pace American Corporation donated this year's second place prize for the ASA giveaway raffle: a Pace American Rallye 24 foot enclosed trailer. Click here to purchase tickets for a chance to win it! Special thanks to Pace of Arizona's owner Anthony Verdone for making this happen.

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ADSB - Andrews Dune Scarab Beetle
AMA - Adaptive Management Area
ARA = Arizona Public Records Act
ASMAP - Peirson's Milk Vetch (technical)
BLM - Bureau of Land Management
BLM ECFO - BLM El Centro Field Office
BO - Biological Opinion
BOD - Board of Directors
CA PRA = California Public Records Act
CBD - Center for Biological Diversity
CCC - California Coastal Commission
CDCA - California Desert Conservation Area
CDPA - California Desert Protection Act
CEQA = California Environmental Quality Act
CNPS - California Native Plant Society
CORVA - California Off Road Vehicle Association
CVC - California Vehicle Code
DOJ - Department of Justice
DOI - Department of the Interior
EIR - Environmental Impact Report
EIS - Environmental Impact Study
ESA - Endangered Species Act
FLPMA - Federal Land Policy & Management Act
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FoOD - Friends of Oceano Dunes (Pismo)
FoDD - Friends of Dumont Dunes
ICBoS - Imperial County Board of Supervisors
SDCSO - San Diego County Sheriff's Office
FTHL - Flat Tail Horned Lizard
IC - Incident Command
ICSO - Imperial County Sheriff Office
ISDRA - Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
MA - Management Area
NECO - North Eastern Colorado Desert Plan
NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
NEQA = National Environmental Quality Act
ODSVRA - Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area
OHMVR - Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation
OHV - Off Highway Vehicle
OHVEST - Off Highway Vehicle Enforcement Safety Team
ORBA - Off Road Business Association
ORV = Off Road Vehicle
PA - Planning Area
PH SO - Sand food
PMV - Peirson's Milk Vetch
RAMP - Recreation Area Management Plan
ROD - Record of Decision
SDORC - San Diego Off-Road Coalition
SSSS - Sand Sports Super Show
SVRA - State Vehicle Recreation Area
TRT - Technical Review Team
UA - Unlawful Assembly
UDG - United Desert Gateway communities (local to ISDRA)
USFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
WECO - Western Colorado Desert Plan
WSA - Wilderness Study Area

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Arizona Open Board of Directors Meeting

March 3, 2007

Nearly 100 members attended the March 3 meeting held in Phx. Speakers included ASA attorney David Hubbard, Phil Jenkins CA State Parks, Michael Fris USFWS and three representatives from the BLM El Centro Field Office. Tom Zale , Neil Hamada and Jamie Neilans discussed several topics of interest relating to the Imperial Sand Dunes. The meeting was recorded and will be posted on the ASA website.

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PMV Delisting

Our delisting petition has been forwarded to Sacramento from the Carlsbad office. After that it will go to Washington for the final ruling. There has been no indication of what the ruling will be or when Washington will publish it in the Federal Register.

Whether it turns out to be favorable to our cause or not, many mile stones still need to be achieved. After recording in the federal register, there will be a 60-public comment period.

If favorable, we can expect some legal maneuvers from the CBD. Given the large amount of data and building concensus in the scientific community that the PMV does not need protection under the ESA, there is much doubt that a suit would get very far. Naturally, if the listing is again denied, considering the vast amount of data and prevailing opinion, we will sue.

A delisting decision requires that there be a conservation plan that spans at least 5 years. It is doubtful that a plan exists at this time.

Depending on how fast the government moves and how soon a modified RAMP could be implemented, it could still be two or more seasons before we see any on the ground effects from a favorable ruling.

Illston ruling:

ASA sees that there are some very grave issues raised by her ruling and will likely pursue the appeal and encourages and supports DOJ to continue with their efforts in that area.

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ASA gray style shirts are reduced to $5.00 - you won't see this price again for an ASA T-shirt.

Youth Small 6/8---6
Youth Medium 10/12---1
Youth Large 14/16---10
Small--- 9

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As many of you have heard, the OHMVR (off highway motor vehicle recreation) commission acted arbitrarily in their last meeting by tossing a coin to see if the ISDRA received a grant instead of the Forest Service. Even though we won the toss, it is unconscionable that grants are decided in this manner. Taking the high road, we pursued legal action to ensure misdeeds of this nature would not occur in the future.

Ecologic, on behalf of ASA and the OHV community in general, filed a request for a stay and temporary restraining order (TRO) to halt further processing of the OHMVR law enforcement and non-CESA grants ( CESA grants are given for conservation, law enforcement, and restoration).

In speaking with the lawyers for State Parks, it was suggested that a stipulation to a stay would be a good course of action for the parties involved (no TRO, but the effect is the same). The stipulation was signed and filed thus avoiding the need to go to the El Centro court. As a result, no Law Enforcement grants and no Non-CESA grants will be processed until the litigation is concluded. The TRO was taken off the hearing calendar.

This means that no funding will reach the ISDRA until this is resolved creating only a few months delay: a small price to pay for integrity in future OHMVR decisions that affect all OHV areas concerned.

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