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October, 2009

Many Recognized for Their Support of ASA
The ASA Board of Directors recognized several volunteers, business sponsors and others at the annual awards program held at the Sand Sports Super Show. Chairman Bill Jones presented the Two of a Kind award to Joe Smid of Sand Limo for his generous donation of two raffle cars: one in 2005 and another at this year’s Sand Show.

President Bob Mason continued with a special recognition award to Cherie and Tim Wight for the several years that they have managed the ASA hospitality area at the Sand Show.

Kenny Kormilo owner of Sport Trailers was recognized for his numerous contributions including a trailer at his cost to transport the 2009 Banning Motorsports raffle car.

BLM Dunes Manager Neil Hamada was presented a certificate of appreciation for his continued support of Sand Sport activities. Hamada’s initiative in the planning and construction of the new Wash Road was applauded by everyone. Hamada joined the ASA and Rob Tron of in recognizing Darren Iezzi for his volunteer effort on the Wash Road. Iezzi has volunteered his service as an equipment operator on an eight hours a day basis.

Larry Broyles of Warrior Lifestyles and Weekend Warrior Water presented ASA with a check for a share of the revenue from the sale of Weekend Warrior Water. According to Broyles this is just the beginning of their support of the ASA mission.

Don Wharton of Reach Medical Services provided a brief explanation of the helicopter airlift services his organization will provide to the duning community. The Reach For Life organization has joined the ASA business sponsor program and has made a contribution to the Banning raffle car that adds their logo on the 2009 raffle car.

ASA founder and past president, Jerry Seaver made the presentation of the Jerry R. Seaver Volunteer Service Award to sixteen JRS nominees. Debbie DeRenard was named the 2009 outstanding volunteer. Debbie was the volunteer that has sent out our thank you notes and for the past three years has prepared ASA calendar for several years. This year was especially hard to get the calendar completed as many sponsors have declined participation and new sponsors had to be found. Debbie has always been helpful and hard working to get the calendar completed even under these stressful times.


2008 ASA Sand Limo Giveaway Buggy Winner
The winner of the 2008 ASA Sand Limo Giveaway Buggy and H&H Trailer was Herb Engel of San Diego, California.

Herb told us that he purchased one single ticket earlier this year, in February, at Sweet Marie's during a trip that he made to Glamis with some of his duning pals. That $20 ticket turned out to be the lucky stub pulled from the tumbler at the 11th Annual Sand Sports Super Show on September 20, 2009.

Although Herb was not present when his ticket was drawn at the Sand Sports Super Show on Sunday, we were told he did attend the event on Saturday. Herb said he was unable to be there on Sunday because he had tickets to the San Diego Chargers football game, and he was sitting in the loud stadium when ASA Chairman Bill Jones called him to congratulate him on winning the car.

Before winning this new Sand Limo 2-seater, Herb owned (and still currently owns) a 2003 Funco Gen 3 Hustler 2-seater. Herb has been a sand duning enthusiast since the mid-1970s and mostly rides at Glamis. He spends about 40 days each year in the dunes.

Heading home with his new buggy in tow, Herb said he is looking forward to taking his new Sand Limo out to Glamis for some fun times this season.

ASA Chairman Bill Jones congratulating The Lucky Winner Herb Engel

(Article and photos by Michael Sommer, ASA Media Affairs Chairman)


ISDRA Season Permits Available Online thru the ASA Web Store
The ASA has ISDRA season permits available in the on-line store.
Season permits are $90 plus $2.95 for shipping and insurance.

If you wait and purchase a seasonal permit at the dunes it will cost you $120: a weekly permit at the dunes will be $40.

The ASA receives $9 for each season permit we sell so this is a great way to get your permit and help the ASA at the same time.

Permits are available here


Imperial County Board of Supervisors Update on Ted Kipf Road
The California Highway Patrol has raised some concerns over the county proposal to allow off highway vehicles (OHV) on the county's Ted Kipf Road. This means that only street legal vehicles are allowed to operate on this county road until something can be worked out between all the parties.

The problem that the CHP raised is that there is no legal way to access Ted Kipf road from the ISDRA and thus anyone attempting to access this county road from the ISDRA would have to travel on State Highway 78 and OHV's are not legally able to utilize this highway. Caltrans would have to agree to create a separate "combined use" section on Highway 78, and because of the number of large trucks using that road they are not interested in this approach.

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors will be meeting with all the agencies and other parties (including ASA) to look at other options that would make safe OHV travel accessible to users of Ted Kipf road.


New Wash Road Construction Update
Dunes Manager Neil Hamada has related that the BLM has completed the new road to wash 25. Additional volunteers, who approached the BLM at the sand show, assisted in this effort by driving water trucks and loaders. These volunteers have been working 40 hours each week in very hot weather to get this road completed before the start of the dune season.

There will still be some additional cleanup work on going for the next few weeks so please be careful around any construction activity.

Visitors utilizing this new road should take care when they enter and exit the camping areas as the areas adjacent to the new road may have some disturbed areas that will be soft. It will take a while for some of the entrance areas to become stable. Just be aware of this and there should not be a problem.

This new road will allow street legal vehicles to access the traditional camping areas on the eastern side of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area. This road is designed for use by street legal vehicles only and signs should be in place shortly. Please do not use OHV's on this road. Citations for OHV's using this road will be given out once the signs are in place.

We wish to acknowledge all the BLM employees, from the construction crews to the people in the office that have prepared all the supporting documents that a project such as this requires, that have worked on getting this road completed. Our hats are off to the BLM El Centro Field Office staff and the volunteers that have made this project a success. The BLM had employees from the Ridgecrest field office and from as far away as Oregon working on this project.  


Off-Roading Community Loses a Friend
Roy Denner, founder of the Off Road Business Association and a dynamic, passionate crusader for off road rights, passed away September 28, 2009 after a 23 month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Roy slipped away quietly in his home in the presence of his wife of 52 years. Nancy writes "he took his last breath while I was giving him a goodbye kiss. He had a very peaceful, pain free passing. His long battle is finally over and he is at peace. I am surrounded by close friends and family."

Roy devoted the last 15+ years of his life fighting legal battles on behalf of off road enthusiasts. He invested so many thousands of hours into this endeavor that in his final years he scarcely had time to participate in the sport himself.

Roy will be missed by many and we are all deeply indebted to the Denner family.

Information provided by Steve & Sherri Kukla, Publishers, San Diego Off Road Magazine


Partners In Action
The ASA has participated with several stakeholders and the business community for nearly ten years to emphasize visitor safety and stewardship at the Imperial Sand Dunes and other Sand Sport venues. Please take a few minutes to look at the Sept 2009 edition of the “Partners in Action" annual report. You may view the report at
Of special interest in this year’s report is the dedication of the Buttercup Ranger Station and the formation of the American Desert Foundation.


ASA Acknowledges Scout’s Eagle Certification for Efforts on the Buttercup Ranger Station Landscaping Project
In a letter to newly certified Eagle Scout Ryan Gorman ASA President Bob Mason offers congratulations for Ryan’s accomplishments in meeting his Eagle Scout requirements. Says Mason in the letter “On behalf of the ASA Board of Directors, congratulations on completing the Eagle Scout requirements. The Board was particularly pleased that you choose the landscape project at the BLM Buttercup Ranger station as your Eagle project. It is great to see our younger Sand Sport enthusiasts stepping forward to demonstrate their willingness to support our cause. You have set an example in many other ways. Your support as an ASA volunteer has been recognized and appreciated.” In the photo below are Imperial Sand Dunes Manager Neil Hamada and Ryan Gorman at the Buttercup Ranger Station.


Kawasaki to Present New Teryx to ADF for Camp Host use at Buttercup
Back in 2007, Kawasaki first became aware of the need for on-site transportation for the BLM Camp Host at Buttercup. Discussions with the ADF* and BLM Dunes Manager Neil Hamada determined that a side by side vehicle such as a Kawasaki Teryx would accommodate the needs of the Camp Host.

Hamada indicated that the availability of the Teryx will allow BLM to utilize our camp host to patrol the area, make positive visitor contacts, pick up trash, and provide assistance when needed. It will also free up a BLM pick up truck for EMT use to provide medical services in the dunes.

Through the continued efforts of Kawasaki, a brand new Teryx will be available to the BLM on a loan basis. Kawasaki will formally present the Teryx to the ADF who will then loan it to the BLM at the 2009 Dune Tour Spooktacular on October 31, 2009.

*The American Desert Foundation is a non-profit corporation, established and organized under Section 501c(3) of the United States  Internal Revenue Code, which, is dedicated to improving scientific understanding of the  ecosystems and human uses that define the desert regions of the United States.


Banning Motorsports Provides the ASA 2009-10 Raffle Car

A relatively unknown sand car builder has stepped up to build the ASA 2009-10 raffle car. Lee Banning, owner of Banning Motorsports, has been a duning and off-highway vehicle enthusiast for 8 years. During the past 4 years he has been an off-road racer having participated in the Baja 1000 the last 4 years. Fielding an off-road racing team is no small task. Banning Motorsports started out with a class 1600 car fabricated by Foddrill Racing. As Banning Motorsports increased its involvement Lee pulled together a team of five experts and equipped a shop at his farm operation in Phoenix, Arizona. Banning Motorsports has 5 full time staff members Andy Megaw, Team Manager; Rick Graf, Shop Foreman; Chris Godfrey; Gary Hawkins, and Chris Bloomquist who have a combined 90 plus years of off-road car fabricating experience.

Banning Motorsports fields 4 cars for races like the Parker,TT250, Vegas to Reno, Silver State 300, Baja 1000, and the Fabtech Classic. Drivers include Lee Banning Sr., Amy Perez, Lee Banning Jr, Rick Graf, Tom Shaw, Gary Williams, and Bryan Folks. Lee Banning Sr., who was driver of record for the second-place team in SCORE Lite, was voted the 2008 Suzuki SCORE Rookie of the Year and Andy Megaw was selected as the 2008 SCORE Mechanic of the Year. Fielding a team and building the cars is just one more challenge for Lee Banning Sr. who operates over 5500 acres. His farming operation primarily grows and markets hay. Lee is an active Farm Bureau and Salt River Project board member.

Lee has been an active ASA member providing dune transportation for the California Desert Advisory Council tour of the dunes and co sponsoring the ASA Info Meeting at Foddrill Motorsports. Lee took the initiative to seek out the ASA offering to build and donate a raffle car. The “Farm Fab” prerunner will open the door to a larger segment of OHV enthusiasts and introduce more off-road enthusiasts to the ASA and their Raffle Car program.

The immensely successful Raffle Car Program is the ASA's main source of funding to continue its mission to Unite, Inform and Mobilize the off-road community to preserve our access to public lands. Lee Banning has generously volunteered to display the car at several off-road races to give his fellow off road racers a chance to win a Banning prepared prerunner and support the ASA at the same time.


The Dune Tour Supports the ASA through Weekend Warrior Water
PGI Media is proud to offer Weekend Warrior Water at all stops of the 2009 and 2010 Dune Tour. During every Dune Tour, Weekend Warrior Water is available from PGI Media to keep duners hydrated.
Weekend Warrior Water gives a portion of the proceeds from every bottle of water sold to the ASA. The ASA relies on donations and support from the off-road industry to help protect access to OHV dune areas.
PGI Media’s decision to choose Weekend Warrior Water was a no-brainer:
“It just makes sense for PGI Media to use Weekend Warrior Water at our events. It’s just another way we can help the ASA help everyone else. Plus it’s darn good water!” - Justin Dawes, Event Marketing Manager, PGI Media.

The ASA will be providing brief informative meetings at the Dune Tour Spooktacular prior to scheduled entertainment. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the ASA; PGI Media encourages everyone to stop by their booth and attend the meetings.

Pick up your Weekend Warrior Water at the Dune Tour Spooktacular, October 30 & 31, in Glamis, and help the ASA protect your right to enjoy your favorite duning location!
Please visit for more information about the Dune tour.


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