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October, 2010

aSa - 10 Years Strong

Over 200 well wishers converged at the Orange County Fair’s Memorial Gardens after this year’s Sand Sport Super Show to help celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of the American Sand Association.

The aSa was honored to have National Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey as the evening’s key note speaker. The Director recognized the aSa for all that has been done to stress responsibility and safety in all of the aSa’s educational outreach materials. Director Abbey also recognized the aSa with his special Director’s Leadership Award for the aSa’s dedication to the dunes and the sport, the aSa’s reputation as a partnership builder – including the creation of the United Desert Gateway, the Checkered Flag program encouraging support for law enforcement observation of the laws, and the aSa’s sponsorship of the Public Safety and Education program.

The prestigious Jerry R. Seaver award was presented to Gary & Irma Johnson and Family for the years of dedicated service they’ve given the aSa by being the Arizona Merchandise Trailer Coordinators.   The aSa would also like to recognize all of this year’s JRS nominees for their dedicated service:  Doug Adair, Bob Ford, Mike Reber and Dwayne Williams.

The first Founder’s Award was presented by aSa Founding Members Vincent Brunasso and Jerry Seaver to aSa President Bob Mason.  The Founder’s Award recognizes people who have dedicated an extraordinary amount of their every day lives to the goals and mission of the aSa.

The Bureau of Land Management also presented an “R.P.M.” Award to Bill Jones from the American Desert Foundation, “Code 3” Award to Rusty Massie, “Badger” Award to Pat & Jerry Vine and “Ranger of the Year” Award to Ranger Peter Thompson.

On behalf of the aSa Board of Directors, we would like to thank everyone who helped make the Anniversary Celebration a success.

aSa Board of Directors Position Available

The aSa is currently soliciting candidates to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors (BOD). aSa members interested in being considered for appointment to the BOD are requested to submit a written summary of qualifications to the aSa Executive Director at or via U.S. mail at 1029, Calle del Cielo, Brawley, CA, 92227.

A summary of BOD member duties may be found on the aSa web site by Clicking HERE.

The written summary of qualifications must be received by the aSa Executive Director no later than October 27, 2010.

2010 aSa Banning Motorsports Giveaway Raffle Car Winners!

David Hunter of Nuevo, CA was the lucky winner of the 2010 aSa Banning Motorsports dual sport Giveaway Raffle Car was drawn at the Sand Sports Super Show on Sunday, September 19th. Pictured below are David and his lovely wife standing next to their new Banning Motorsports Dual Sport Car while being congratulated by Lee Banning of Banning Motorsports. Congratulations David!

For more pictures by Michael Sommer from the 2010 SSSS please click here

2010 Sand Sports Super Show Kudos

Once again, the awesome volunteers that make up the ASA came out in full force and made the ASA booth at the SSSS a great success! Set up began on Wednesday evening and was completed by Thursday afternoon. Friday was a very long day with the show opening at 10:00 a.m. and running twelve hours until 10:00 p.m. The ASA booth was slammed with people on Saturday and on Sunday everyone eagerly awaited to hear who had drawn the winning ticket for the 2010 Banning Motor Sports duel sport raffle car. The lucky winner was David Hunter of Nuevo, CA. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for this year’s raffle car.   

At the conclusion of the show, our busy workers tore down the booth and packed it all up for next year. The ASA was happy to sell 400 more ISDRA permits than last year.

Many thanks to the core crew of SSSS volunteers - Flo Haynes, Brian Trapp, Dwayne Williams, Jon Pergl, Justin Bucci, Barry Hannah, Katrina Ashbaugh D.L and Lynn Southard, Darren and Katherine Kelsey and Lloyd and Lisa Misner.  We would also like to thank all of our additional supporters who came out and volunteered their time to help us out at the booth.  Your time and effort, even if only for a few hours, is what truly makes the ASA successful! 

We’re looking forward to next year and hope to see you soon.

Thank you,

ASA Board of Directors

Checkered Flag Program

With the dune season fast approaching, every dune user needs to think about safety and passing the safety message on to our fellow duners. The endorsement of the Checkered Flag program helps to inform others of the responsibilities we hold in respecting others and the environment.  Make sure you fly your checkered flag and let other duners know that you have respect for other people, safety and the environment and that you act in a responsible manner. 

We also want to remind you there are a number of new rules that will be enforced in the ISDRA this season. Many of these new rules are common sense based, and include examples such as the prohibition of burning any wood containing metal, including pallets, so please leave your pallets at home, and bring only metal free wood with you to burn. Another example is public nudity, remember this is a family recreation sport, and nudity is not appropriate for any public use areas. Lastly, though the trash situation has gotten better over the years, it still remains a large problem in the camping areas and around the popular gathering areas such as – Competition Hill and Oldsmobile Hill. Please remember to pack out what you’ve packed in. These and all of the new rules can be found at: 

So with all that being said, have fun, be safe, and keep it upright this season. The aSa is offering a free classic checkered flag and new pledge card with purchases made online or at one of our events.  Proudly fly the Checkered Flag on your sand toy and show your support for doing the right thing.        

You can be an OHV Ambassador – Volunteer Today!

The off-highway vehicle (OHV) Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity that provides a means for private citizens to work with the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) El Centro Field Office to promote responsible OHV recreation on public lands. These volunteers contribute their time, experience, and local knowledge of the El Centro Resource OHV Areas in groups of two or more on motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility vehicles (UTVs); or 4x4 vehicles; conducting special projects (e.g., outreach events, clean-ups, kiosk maintenance or installation), and distributing informational material at high visitation OHV sites. Through these efforts, volunteers provide a positive image of their recreation activity, and identify resource issues to enhance OHV recreation on public land. OHV Ambassadors receive training and serve as a point of contact for other OHV visitors to obtain helpful information about the areas they ride.

Visit this site for more details:

Dune Guard Program Launched

There is no future without our children and their safe passage while navigating life’s changing landscape is critical.  To that end, young riders observed obeying rules and regulations, modeling appropriate behavior, riding responsibly and caring for the dunes will be rewarded on the spot with a “Dune Guard” t-shirt by BLM rangers.  The t-shirt recognizes and acknowledges the youngsters’ efforts, while encouraging them to continue this behavior and inspire those around them.  The vision: a whole cadre of young riders promoting safety and stewardship. Please click below for more information

US Border Patrol Asks Duners to Report Suspicious Activity

As the 2010-2011 dune season approaches, so does illegal activity in the Imperial Sand Dunes.  The United States Border Patrol needs your help to ensure our nation’s border is safe and secure.  While the majority of dune enthusiasts come to ride and socialize, there also exists a criminal element which may very well be camped right next to you.  These criminals make every attempt to “blend in” and look like every other dune enthusiast.  We ask you to notify the United States Border Patrol (USBP) when suspicious activities exist.  USBP Agents are always on roving patrol and may be contacted either in person or via telephone (866-999-8727) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another method in which dune enthusiasts can assist the USBP protect the nation’s border is to maintain a minimum distance of 100 yards from the International Boundary Fence.  With the dune enthusiasts’ compliance, it is very easy for USBP Roving Patrols to identify the criminal element when they approach the International Border Fence.  In addition, the International Boundary Fence has protrusions at the base to secure it to the shifting sand. If a collision occurs it would be very easy to become entangled in this structure.  The International Boundary Fence has made a significant impact in cross border criminal activity but it is also dangerous, so we ask that you please stay back.

The Buttercup Campground will have a white USBP trailer parked near the Bureau of Land Management Ranger Station.  This is a great place to report any suspicious activity or ask questions involving border security.  Please report any suspicious activity whether it is, people riding, vehicles driving or campers that just don’t fit the dune enthusiast persona.  The criminal element is there, help us identify them.  We ask for your cooperation to make this a safe dune season for all.


Since new laws regarding Children riding ATV’s on public lands were implemented nearly 3 years ago, it is now becoming easier to comply with them while at the Imperial Sand Dune Recreation Area (ISDRA) because of
the availability of ATV safety training. And not a moment too soon! As the opposition pushes to ban ATV use by children under the age of 16,“statistics” fuel their effort. By following the law and instilling good judgment upon our children, we can reduce accidents that sometimes lead to hospital visits. These preventable emergency room visits become statistics used to motivate the ban of kids ATV use!

Parental control and supervision is a vital part of safe child ATV riding. As parents, we literally hold the key to our children’s safety. Every ATV has an ignition key, and when we control the key, we control the use. As a parent or adult supervisor, child ATV riders are under our care and control. Children look to parents and adults to keep them safe, don’t let them down. We are the key to every ride beginning and ending safely, without injury.
California State Law requires that Parents or Guardians maintain an active role in a child’s ATV use.
• Children under the age of 16 must be actively supervised at all times when riding an ATV. A parent or guardian must allow continued use only if you determine that your child has the ability and judgment to operate the ATV safely.
• No person under the age of 14 shall operate an ATV on public lands located in California unless that person holds an appropriate safety certificate and, in addition, is accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. Either Rider or Supervisor must be  certified.
• Anyone operating an off-highway vehicle must be able to reach and operate all controls necessary to safely operate the vehicle.
• No person under the age of 18 shall operate an ATV on public lands located in California unless he/she has received the safety certification in this state, or another state, or is under the direct supervision of an adult who has the appropriate safety certification in his/her possession.
Presently, law enforcement officers are issuing citations under CVC Section 38504.1 and a judge can order a fine for the adult who fails to provide supervision. After a horrible accident, it is possible for the state to consider a parent to be liable for a child’s ATV accident if they have neglected to comply with the Law.
While we have all heard that “ATVs are not one-size-fits-all,” consider for a moment the ramifications of sending your 12 year old out for a ride on your new 450cc quad. The ATV Safety Institute reports that approximately 90 percent of youth ATV-related injuries occur when a child under the age of 16 is operating an adult-sized ATV. Follow the manufacturer's recommended age limitations for every ATV.
To help all of us ride smart by following the law, ATV Safety Training is available at the Imperial Sand Dunes! A total of 19 ATV Safety Training Classes will be held by the American Desert Foundation (ADF) in the North Dunes, South Dunes and Superstition Mountain locations throughout the 2010-2011 riding season. The hands-on, half-day ATV Rider Course is conducted by licensed ATV Safety Institute Instructors. It offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed instructor.. ASA Volunteer Mike Reber recently attended one of the courses and said, “Last Winter, I took my six year-old son to a class and in just a few hours, he earned his certification. The Glamis location couldn’t be more convenient for our family!” ATV manufacturers and the State of California ensure all children under 18 can take this training without a fee, parents and the rest of the family may qualify for free training, as well. For more information, visit
By setting a good example, parents and adults can help keep children safe on ATVs and reduce the statistics used against us by opponents of our family recreation.


ISDRA Season Permits Promptly Available From The aSa 

The aSa has ISDRA Season Permits available in our on-line store. Purchasing from the aSa benefits your sport as the aSa receives $9 for every season permit sold. This is a great way to get your Permit and help the aSa at the same time. 

Season permits are $90 plus $2.95 for shipping and insurance and we commit to having a Permit in your mail box within a week of your on-line purchase.

If you wait until you arrive in the ISDRA to purchase a Season Permit, it will cost you $120 and a weekly permit would be $40.

Visit our web site today to purchase your permit:

Please note that ASA does not sell weekly permits. Go to  to purchase weekly permits.

REMEMBER! 15 mph within 50’

The BLM and Imperial County Sheriff's Office remind all Imperial Sand Dunes visitors that the speed limit within 50 feet of any campsite or concentration of people is 15 miles per hour. BLM Rangers will be conducting special emphasis patrols utilizing RADAR to enforce the 15 mph speed limit around campsites, concentrations of people and on the sand highways.

SPEED: Within 50 feet of a campsite or group of people, the speed limit is 15 mph. It is illegal to drive an off-highway vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent, and in no event at a speed that endangers the safety of other persons or property. (CVC 38305 and 38310)

15 mph within 50’. . .safety first, last, and always.


Come out for the traditional Glamis Poker Run on Saturday, November 6th held by the Orange County ATV Association.  Registration will be held behind the Glamis Beach Store near the vendor row area and is only a $20 donation. The Grand Prize for best hand will be a Honda EU 1000 portable generator donated by Mid Cities Honda of Long Beach. Other prizes will be given for second through 4th best hands and there will even be a prize for the person with the worst hand!

Participants, who help pick up trash while on their ride, will get an extra card in their hand.  In the past, this “6th” card has been the one to help participants get their winning hand.

Poker Run proceeds will help benefit the aSa, CORVA and SDORC. These are the groups that are fighting to keep your riding areas open in California. So join us for a fun time and ride while cleaning the dunes and supporting the organizations that are working for us.  For more information, please visit the OCATV web site at

Display the aSa Raffle Car at Your Next Event
Do you have an off road shop or an upcoming off road or other motorsports related event? Do you want to help the American Sand Association? You can do that by inviting us to display our Raffle Car at your event or business. The raffle car represents the aSa’s primary source of revenue to carry out its mission. If you would like to help support the aSa by displaying our Raffle Car please contact Chuck Hattaway at 619-890-9093. No event is too big or too small.

A Great Way To Support Your Health and The aSa
Recently, the American Sand Association partnered with GBG, a Health and Wellness company, for a special fundraising program that has the possibility to significantly benefit the aSa. GBG has been in business for the past 14 years, it is also owned by a fellow off-roader and sand duning enthusiast named Stuart Finger who lives in Northern California.

Here's some information about GBG as well as how the fundraising program works. If you are currently using vitamins or know that you should, we would like to encourage you to check out GBG's great tasting liquid 10-in-One Super Formula. Some of the 10 Formulas include a Bone and Joint Formula, a Cardiovascular Formula, a Stress Reducing Formula, an Immune Enhancer Formula, and much more. These formulas are all delivered in liquid form and designed to get into your system in just 3 minutes.

Not only is this vitamin scientifically engineered under strict health standards, it is competitively priced compared to supplements in retail stores. The primary difference is that when you purchase the items through aSa's GBG web-site, proceeds from your 10-in-One purchases will be sent directly to the aSa.

This is your chance to both improve your health and support the aSa. To learn more, simply visit the aSa's exclusive GBG web-site by clicking on this link: < >.

Proceeds from your purchases will benefit the aSa by helping pay for legal fees, biological studies, and other expenses that are incurred in the battle to keep public lands open for off-road vehicle use.

The aSa would like to thank you for your continued support as a member.

REACH for Life Offers Up To $20 Discount for aSa Supporting Members

Are you aware of the opportunity to support aSa and receive the benefits of air medical transport from the dunes in the event of an accident? If you upgrade your current aSa free general membership to that of an aSa Supporting Member ($25 per year) you are eligible for the following discounted package:

REACH and the American Sand Association are offering aSa Supporting Members a substantial discount on a REACH for Life membership! aSa Supporting Members can join REACH for Life for just $25 per year for an individual or family membership (regularly $40-$45 respectively).

Go to this link to view a list of frequently asked questions that will help you understand the REACH medical Air Transport Service. Please note that any of your family living under the same roof are covered under your REACH membership. If you have family members not living in your home this would make an excellent early Christmas present.

You can join REACH for Life online today at or call (866) 767-3224. aSa Supporting Members should select “American Sand Association-Supporting Member” from the pull down menu to take advantage of the $25 REACH for Life membership special. Non-supporting aSa members are encouraged to upgrade to Supporting Member status and take advantage of this special offer. If you are not an aSa Supporting Member, you can still get a discounted REACH for Life membership for $40 by selecting: “American Sand Association” from the pull down menu. If you're already a REACH member and would like information about your rate, your discount or renewal information, please call REACH directly at (866) 767-3224.

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